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Costa rica retreat 2024

The p2E method to more energy:

care for the things you love without sacrificing Yourself.

If you're not currently experiencing the health and energy you want, then you're most likely MISSING what we're exploring at this Retreat. 

Sneak Peak

Re-energize in Uvita, Costa Rica!

We want to invite you to this women's wellness retreat in Costa Rica, a destination known for its incredible nature and enchantingly lush tropical beauty. 


As soon as you step off the plane, you'll be whisked away to the stunning Synergy Retreats, where you'll immediately feel at home in this magical space designed to elevate and uplift your mind, body, and spirit.

As you settle in, take a moment to breathe in the fresh air and allow yourself to unwind and clear your mind. You'll have some time after your day of travel to get settled, explore the beautiful grounds, connect with your fellow retreat companions, and soak in the healing energy of our surroundings.


We'll come together for a group meals, where you'll enjoy delicious, nourishing food and celebrate this transformative journey with the like-minded women who are all here to empower themselves and align with their authentic selves.

We hope you are ready to reconnect with yourself and thrive in all areas of your life as you, release old patterns that no longer serve you, and connect with your inner strength and wisdom!

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A quick note from lindsey & kellie

We're Lindsey (On the Left) & Kellie (on the right). 

Combined, we have over three decades of success in the fitness and wellness industry. 

We’ve developed a holistic mind/body approach to Wellness that provides you with clarity, energy and a balanced sense of self in the modern world that can leave you feeling chaotic. 

We are best friends and have spent our lifetimes committed to self-development and growth. 

We love to create unique Mind, Body, and Spirit retreats to help women reconnect to themselves, clear their minds, and re-energize so that they can care for those (and things) they love without sacrificing themselves. 

We met working in the corporate world in 2008. We bonded over having after work jobs teaching Pilates (Kellie) and Zumba (Lindsey). And we supported each other in the desire to be in the Health & Wellness industry full time. (We both knew that we weren't meant for corporate life.) 

Life has a funny way of, well, life-ing. We both believe that we had to work in that corporate setting so that we could meet each other (and Kellie could meet her husband), and be doing what we're doing now.

We believe that new perspectives allow new perspectives.

Getting out of your routines (those brain loops and habits) allows you to receive new insights and begin to reconnect to you.  

The number one thing we hear from the women who work with us is: I feel like I've lost myself. 

If that sounds like you,

We invite you to costa rica feb 2024!

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