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Can One Retreat Really Transform Your Life?

We know, that seems like a bold statement; That you could spend a little time with us and make such drastic shifts - shifts you've been trying to make for years - but we'll let you discover that for yourself. 

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The fact that you're reading this means you're probably like most of our clients: You're ambitious, you're caring, you have aspirations, and you're busy as hell with 800 thousand commitments and responsibilities. You may or may not have already realized that you *should* be making yourself a priority...but you know as well as we do, you're not. 

Whether your goals are health related, work related, relationship related (be it spousal, parental, friend, coworker), or all of the above, my guess is that you know what you *Should* be doing. 

And you are genuinely trying to do all those things! 

And it's Exhausting!

And Frustrating!

Because, if you're an overachiever, overthinker, overdoer, perfectionist, or people pleaser...well, you actually believe you really should be able to do all the things, and do them all well, all at the same time. 

Do you see how this is a broken strategy?

You're taking action, doing all the things to do, but you burn out, and aren't able to keep going. Sometimes physically. Sometimes mentally. Sometimes emotionally.

Most times: all of the above. 

You also notice that when life doesn't go according to plan (cuz, you know, life is gonna life), when things get difficult, when circumstances change, the wheels tend to fall off the wagon, and the whole damn wagon ends up in the ditch.

That's when the old, comfortable, not helpful habits creep in.

...and the cycle continues...

You're back at square one: 

Hustling, doing more, proving yourself more, pushing even harder. You've tried all the strategies, read all the books, listened to all the podcasts, and still, you just can't seem to get *there* yet. All the while thinking, "Why is this so dang hard?! What's wrong with me?"

Stressed Woman
 Young Woman Contemplating

Imagine being
Calm, Peaceful
and full of Joy.

We Assure You - It is Possible

We also assure you: You're not alone!
We hear this sooooo often.
We get it. AND we know what's possible on the other side of all the Do-ing. 
There's peace, and calm, and ease.
And not at the expense of all your other goals, commitments, or priorities. 

But, this will require you to put yourself in that list of priorities.
The Real You.
Not the you that plays all the roles, but that genuine, true, you.

Perhaps you haven't been in touch with her in a while. 
That's ok. That's why we're here. 
This isn't about self care in a doing more way.
We're not adding more to the To Do list.

We've already established you're good at the Doing.
Doing more is the last thing you need. 
The fact that you're still here reading this tells me that you're driven, a go-getter, and ambitious.
The fact that you have 800 thousand responsibilities and things on your plate tells me that you're probably the one who gets things done!People come to you for this reason!
And it's served you well - it's a part of what's gotten you to where you are now: Doing Things. 

You're good at Doing.
But as stated earlier:
It's a part of what's gotten you to where you are now.

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PTE Laugh.jpeg
How good are you at slowing down? 
How good are you at prioritizing your self?
How good are you at putting your health, your rest, your needs at the top of the 'To Do' list?

There's a saying that goes, "We don't destroy the things we love". 
Are you destroying your body? 
Are you destroying your mental health? 
Are you destroying your Wellbeing?

If you're not in a place of Wellbeing, you're not in a good place.

I want you to consider the impact if you flipped that saying to,
"We take care of the things we love and value".
How much do you really love and value yourself?
Self Worth is the Reverence that we hold ourselves in.
Self Love is the act of that Reverence.
Can you honestly say that you're valuing and loving yourself? 
Can you honestly say that you're prioritizing yourself?
Prioritizing yourself over other people? 

What would it look like to give yourself permission to give yourself what you need? Regardless of what other people might say...

What began to prioritize yourself so that you can pursue your goals from a place of ease and joy?
How would that be different from what you're doing now?

This is Permission To Explore. 

We're not going to lie: This work can be uncomfortable!
We will shine a light on some blindspots and some not so pretty beliefs you may be holding - about others and yourself. 
We'll work through stories creating the stress and suffering.
We'll acknowledge and process the emotions that surface in this process.
We'll reframe those stories and beliefs to help you navigate emotions and stressful circumstances that will likely come in the future (life is gonna life!).
Finally, we'll begin to re-write the ending and re-wire the beliefs that will support you getting where you want to go.

And we'll still manage to have fun and discover joy in the process.
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