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We're Coming Back to Humiston Woods in Pontiac, IL.

You're treading water and you know it.


The past 2 years have been like no others. 

You've adapted, adjusted, kept swimming, and you're exhausted. 


You’re constantly anxious and stressed…and it may be so habitual you don’t even recognize it.


And you crave balance.

And Peace.

And Joy.

And Ease.


And most importantly, you want to get back to YOU. 

You're feeling lost or disconnected from yourself, your desires, your needs. 


If there's one thing we know: Unmet needs will be met. 

...but not necessarily in the best manner if we don't tune in and take responsibility for meeting our needs. 


So this year,  we're peeling back the layers and starting at the foundation: YOU!


The core of you:

Who are you? 

Over The Weekend, We Will Meet And Dive Into:

Day 1: Embrace You

The Physical, 3D world you: personality, identity, wants and needs.

  1.  Movement: Connect with your body and create a healthy relationship with it.

  2. Personality Profile: Get to know yourself: What are your motivators and drivers? How does this impact how you interact with the world and those around you. 

  3. Hot Seat Coaching: attendees receive direct coaching on what they're working on, be it health related, habit related, emotional/self related challenge, or something that came up earlier in the day. Whether asking the question or not, every single attendee can take something away from almost any question asked.  This is where insights, new perspectives, and real change happens. 


Day 2: Bring on the Woo!

The Spiritual you: energetic, higher being you.


  1. Meditation/Hypnosis

  2. Yoga

  3. Chakras and Energetic Body

  4. Navigating Your Yin and Yang Energy

  5. Healing the Energetic Body


Participants Will Leave The Retreat:

Clear on ways to navigate relationships (including with yourself!),

Tools to help you open more space on the calendar,

How to slow down and stand in confidence of yourself and who you are,

Asking questions that open more space for possibility, energy, connections, and joy rather than fear. 

Accepting and embracing who you are. 

Connecting to yourself. 

Reminding yourself what peace and calm feels like.

Reminding yourself what moving your body and caring for yourself feels like.



What is it costing you to keep doing what you're doing? What is it costing your physical health? Your emotional health? Your relationships? Where will you be in a year if you decide to keep doing what you're doing? What will that have cost you? 


But what could you gain by joining us?

How could you life be different a year from now by making a commitment to this weekend? 

Too many people have spent their lives playing the 'When - Then' game.

How many of these sound familiar?

"I want to lose weight, but in two weeks there's a party, then there's an event, and then it's holiday season!"

"I want to make this change, but I'm so exhausted and stressed, and I simply can't bring myself to do it."

"I want to do this thing, but my schedule is too busy, so I need to wait until things calm down."

How long are you going to put what you want (and need) on hold because you're playing this 'When - Then' game?


We're sure you've recognized by now: the 'Then' never actually arrives.  

The time is now.


Join us for this weekend of connection: with others, with nature, and most importantly, with yourself!





Oct 1 & 2, 2022

8:30am - 4:00pm



Jobst Education Building at Humiston Woods in Pontiac, IL.


What to Bring:

Yoga Mat, Pen/Pencil, Notebook, Appropriate Shoes for Activity; Grippy Socks; Dress in Layers.


What's Included:

Catered Lunch, Snacks, Coffee and Water; Professional Led Sessions, Activities, and Informational Handouts; Optional Facebook Group to keep in touch. 



Register between May 16 and July 31: $296 for full weekend; $188 for single day.

Register between Aug 1 and Sept 18: $350 for full weekend; $215 for single day. 


*Cancelation and Refund Policy*

Cancelation before July 1: Non-Refundable $25 deposit - remaining balance will be refunded.

Cancelation between July 2 and  Aug 31: Non-Refundable $50 deposit - remaining balance will be refunded.

Cancelation Sept 1 and after: No-Refund will be given.