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Discover how to have more energy!
Getting out of your head and into your body through movement and healing practices is the fastest and easiest way to have more energy, so that you can care for the people (and things) you love, without sacrificing yourself.

Reconnect. Energize. Celebrate. 
From the inside out. 

Getting out of your head and into your body through movement and healing practices is the fastest and easiest way to have more energy so that you can care for the people (and things) you love, without sacrificing yourself.

At this Retreat You'll...

Learn about a variety of types of movements

Experience a variety of movements, which are right for your body, and how to modify for your needs.

Learn which movement is effective for your health and wellness goals.

Learn how to actually create long term energy - that kind that doesn't require a conscious creation. 

Learn how to easily implement it all at home with ease.

What you're getting at the Retreat with the complete P2E Method:


How to move your body in a way that feels good, that has value, and that would be enjoyable. 


Get out of the routine, the roles, the responsibilities, and get back to mother nature in an environment that your nervous system understands.


Allowing you to Reconnect, Reprogram, and Re-Energize at an even deeper level.


Clear out the programs running in the background sucking all your energy.


Explore and implement healing practices that feel useful to you moving forward.

Getting More Energy Is As Easy As 1...2...3...4!

Why You Can NO LONGER AFFORD to Ignore
Your Health & Wellbeing. 

You know your health and wellbeing is important. You know your health and wellbeing is unique to you. And you have plenty of things you think you *should* be doing.

What happens when the stress piles up and takes you down? 


Adrenal Fatigue?


Then what? 

You MUST make time for your

Health & Wellbeing! 

You can no longer ignore the Mind/Body Connection. Researchers are discovering that attitudes and emotions (the “mind”) can influence physical health challenges (the “body”). 

(American Psychological Association. Mind/body health: heart disease.)

Our world today is noisier and more crowded and busy than ever. You are inundated with things fighting to get your attention and our systems (mind/body biology) is not made for that. Women today are more clouded and pressured than ever before. And it’s exhausting.

The stress response triggered in fight or flight is a complex mix of physical, mental and emotional reactions.

But today, we live in Chronic Stress, and that response never goes away.

Resulting in 

  • Feeling tired, exhausted, or angry

  • Feeling irritable or unfocused

  • Headaches

  • Not sleeping well

  • Feeling anxious or sad


These are all signs that stress may be working overtime in your body.

What Some Of Our Past Retreat Attendees Have to Say

How Much Does A Retreat In Costa Rica Cost? 

The biggest mistake people make when it comes to Health & Wellness is that they think the 'Do It Yourself' route is cheaper. 

What they don't take into account is how slow and ineffective that can be. 

Or worse...

...the cost associated with every little mistake you make in your form during movement. Yes, you can grab thousands of free workout videos, or pop in some old DVDs, but they can't see you, adjust you, help you. 

Not to mention how much time it costs you to sort through those workouts, gathering information, or how much time you've wasted believing things that just simply aren't true. 

So next, people just can, "Ok, can you do it for me?"

Your movement practice, no.

(Sorry, that's not how that works.)

Put one together for you - yes, that's possible! 

You could hire Kellie or Lindsey for $100 an hour and they'll lead you through a customized movement plan just for you. 

But let's be honest: 

That's the tip of the iceberg. 

Your brain (that marvelous machine!) has created so many habits and patterns for your safety and survival. 

(Thank you brain!) 

...but brain doesn't know what's real and what's imagined. 

So some of this programming is more than useless.

Some of it you may be aware of. 

...a lot of it you're not. 


Which is why getting out of your routine, your habits, is VITAL to this process.


Now, you could book a week long trip to an all inclusive resort with 10s of thousands of other people. 

And that trip would cost around $2,500. (Depending on the resort.)


Add in the cost of 2 movement sessions a day with Kellie, plus 2 Reiki sessions: $1500.

Add in the cost of 2 movement sessions a day with Lindsey, plus 2 Rapid Resolution Therapy® sessions to clear away any useless patterns: $2000. 


So $6,000.


...but this Retreat isn't $6,000...


It's Just:



And you only need $600 to save your spot.  

(Payment plans available)

Your Accommodations

Remember how above you would be sharing the resort with 10s of thousands of other people? 

Not with us! We have the entire Retreat center to ourselves. Our group. 


With the help of our friends at Synergy, we have also arranged:

A hike to an epic waterfall

A boat and snorkel day

A cacao ceremony

A healing sound bath

All Included. 

Along with 3 meals - sustainable sourced and all organic. 

Oh! We almost forgot to mention!

All rooms are based on PRIVATE occupancy.

A room to yourself to relax and unwind. 

Rooms are assigned on a first come, first serve basis. 

What's Included


  • 6 nights at Synergy Retreats

  • Private or shared occupancy in accommodation

  • Private use of yoga deck with props included

  • All meals (during the retreat, you will enjoy 4 meals with either sustainable fish or organic chicken)

  • All activities described in the itinerary

  • One group airport arrival transfer

  • One group airport departure transfer

  • Expert coordinator and dedicated onsite support

Not Included

  • Flights

  • Pre-Night hotel

  • Additional food and drinks not mentioned in inclusions

  • Optional add-ons

  • Travel insurance

  • Gratuities

  • Passport/Passport Renewal 


(Out of Pocket Activities)

Private Session with Kellie for Pilates or Reiki

Private Session with Lindsey for Coaching or RRT.

Shopping in town

Cabs/Transportation during Free Time. 

You will book your flights into Juan Santamaria International Airport, the primary airport serving San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica. (Airport Code SJO)

We have arranged a group transport on February 23, departing at 11am. We (Kellie & Lindsey) will be arriving a day early to ensure arrival (and more peace incase of travel snafus) and encourage you to consider the same. This pre-night is NOT included in the price of the Retreat, but we have arranged a group discount for this pre-night for those interested.  

Ready to Book?

Click below to be re-directed to Tour Hero's website and book. 

The Timeline

  • Day 1 · Feb 23 - Uvita

  • Arrive at Juan Santamaria International Airport (SJO)

  • Group transfer from airport to accommodation

  • Check-in at Synergy Retreats

  • Free time — settle in, unwind, relax, mingle

  • Welcome dinner

  • Day 2 · Feb 24 - Uvita

  • Cacao ceremony

  • Morning movement session

  • Nourishing breakfast

  • Stay on site at the accommodation — free time

  • Lunch and dinner

  • Day 3 · feb 25 - Uvita

  • Morning movement session

  • Nourishing breakfast

  • Waterfall hike

  • Return to accommodation

  • Lunch

  • Evening movement session

  • Dinner

  • Day 4 · feb 26 - Uvita

  • Morning movement session

  • Nourishing breakfast

  • Group session — topic TBD

  • Day on site at the accommodation (one-on-one/add-on sessions available)

  • Free time

  • Lunch

  • Evening movement session

  • Dinner

  • Day 5 · feb 27 - Uvita

  • Morning movement session

  • Nourishing breakfast

  • Boat day – snorkeling experience included

  • Lunch

  • Return to accommodation

  • Evening movement session

  • Dinner

  • Day 6 · Feb 28 - Uvita

  • Morning movement session

  • Nourishing breakfast

  • Group session — topic TBD

  • Day on site at the accommodation (one-on-one/add-on sessions available)

  • Free time

  • Lunch

  • Evening movement session

  • Sound journey

  • Dinner

  • Day 7 · feb 29 - Departure

  • Morning movement session

  • Breakfast and check out of accommodation

  • Group transfer from accommodation to SJO airport

  • Journey ends

Please Visit the TourHero Website for a Detailed Breakdown of each day. 

Thinking About Joining the Costa Rica Retreat?

Book a 15 Minute Call with one of us about the Retreat. 

Book A Call


Pay In Full

Deposit & 1 Payment


Join us right now with a single payment of $3229.00 and secure your spot in Costa Rica! 

Today Deposit $600.

Final Payment of $2,629.00 by

November 15, 2023.

TOTAL AMOUNT: $3,229.00


Today's Deposit of $600.00

remaining balance divided between months remaining before final payment date. on November 10, 2023. 

Click the button below to be re-directed to TourHero and register now. 

Picture Yourself In Magical Costa Rica...

  • Is my flight included?
    No. Feel free to use those miles or preferred airline to fly into Juan Santamaría International Airport (SJO). We suggest flying in the day before the retreat begins to ensure you make the group transfer to our resort. We can provide you with hotel options for a 1 night stay, near the airport, with a shuttle.
  • What if my flight is delayed and I miss the group transfer?
    This is why we encourage you to arrive a day early. Synergy Retreats is a 4 hour drive from the airport. (We have arranged stops along the way, including for lunch, and even some beach time!) Our group will be picked up at 11am from our departure location. Should you miss this transfer, you will be responsible to get yourself to Synergy Retreats.
  • What if I have food allergies?
    You are not alone. We will be working closely with our Chef at Synergy and will keep all allergies in mind. Please make sure you are communicating your allergies with us when you're making your deposit. Please email us:
  • What if I have to cancel? Is there a refund?
    TourHero, the retreat host, and the tour operator reserve the right to cancel or reschedule this trip up until November 15, 2023. If the departure is canceled out of your control, you will be alerted by this date and will receive a full refund. In this case, TourHero and Permission to Explore Retreats is not responsible for your preparation expenses, such as airline tickets, extra accommodations, loss of work, or any other cost associated with preparing for your trip. We recommend waiting until the November 15 deadline to book flights. We also recommend booking travel insurance, along with refundable flights/accommodations in case of cancellation. Refunds for deposits We will hold your spot as soon as you put down your deposit. However, if you decide to cancel your trip, we will be unable to refund your deposit. Refunds for fully-paid trips You may change or cancel your trip by November 15, 2023 for a refund, excluding the deposit. After this date, no refunds will be given. To change or cancel your trip, please email Trip cancellation due to COVID-19 A full credit will be issued if the tour is canceled when there is full border closure due to COVID-19 travel restrictions. This credit can go towards booking a future TourHero tour. We suggest buying your own travel insurance for coverage of cancellations within 30 days of the tour commencing for reasons other than a full tour cancellation.
  • How much extra money will I need while there?
    Well, what's your spending tendency when you're on vacation? You will only need additional money to tip, get a cab, or going out on your own in your down time. Otherwise, all meals, rides, and lodging are included. Town is within walking distance of Synergy Retreats. Stroll down, grab a coffee at the cafe, or check out the wine bar - cool! But that will be at your own cost. In your free time, you can also visit one of the beautiful local beaches, but keep in mind, these beaches are part of the National Parks, so you will have to pay to enter. Plan for $7 - $10. Also know, you can add on massages or even therapists while on the Retreat. In that case: Cash is best!
  • Will I have free time to do extra activities?
    You can see an itinerary overview above. You can see a more detailed daily itinerary on TourHero's page. There will be plenty of time to spend by yourself or exploring the grounds of the retreat center, exploring town, or heading to the beach. You may even find yourself making friends in town or preemptively buying Holiday presents! 🤣
  • Am I sharing a room? Can I have my own room?
    The answer is: YES. This Retreat is based on SINGLE Occupancy. (Room to yourself!) However, if you are wanting to share a room with someone, please let us know. This will also allow us to open up more spots in this Retreat.
  • What if I've never done Pilates? Do I have to do it?
    Along with the waterfall hike and boat trip, we will be doing daily Pilates and movement classes, breath work, Reiki, and two workshops focused on clearing out unhelpful programming and creating new programs that are useful. You do not have to participate in anything you won't want to. ...but we encourage you to branch out... It doesn’t matter your Pilates experience or fitness background, every person leaves with new connections and understandings of their own body and exercise practice. It’s amazing what can happen in a week of being consistent.
  • What kind of paperwork do I need to visit Costa Rica?
    US nationals do not require an entry visa to Costa Rica. However, they must have a current valid passport and a return ticket to exit Costa Rica within 90 days. US passport must be valid for a minimum of one day from the day you enter Costa Rica. Please check with your Doctor in regards to vaccinations that may be appropriate for you.
  • Is it safe to travel to Costa Rica?
    The United States Embassy in Costa Rica has a scale of 1 - 4, where 4 means the most risk of traveling. They have listed Costa Rica as Level 2 "Exercise increased caution" due to an increase in robbery in specific locations. You can follow along and read more about it here. Generally speaking, it is safe to walk around in Uvita where our Retreat center is located. Still, you should be a smart, educated tourist. Trust your instincts, be aware that you are in a small town in a different country, with other people. We recommend you walk around in groups, take cabs together, and generally be aware of your surroundings. Our little Retreat center in the village is quiet and safe. We have rented out the entire property for our Retreat, so it will just be our group and the staff on the premise.
  • What should I consider brining or packing?
    First, don't worry, we'll send you a thorough packing list as the Retreat gets closer. But in general: Make sure to bring clothes in which to work out! Remember, you'll have at least one class per day. (Most days are two.) You will have a hike in the jungle to the waterfall and a day on the boat and snorkeling, so make sure to pack for those events. During your down time you'll be able to enjoy local activities, the town, etc. We recommend comfortable loose clothing, as the average temperature in February is a high of 83 and low of 72. Some would describe it as pleasantly warm, humid but cool.
  • Do I have to book my own flights?
    Yes. Feel free to use any airline miles or preferred airlines to fly into Juan Santamaría International Airport - SJO. We will be flying in a day early (February 22) and having a pre-night in San Jose. Our group transfer will pick us up at 11am on Feb 23, so make sure your flight will arrive before this time and allow plenty of time to get through customs. In general, the earlier you book your flights, the cheaper. We recommend booking on Sundays (17% savings) and NOT booking on a Friday (price up 12%). Keep In Mind: this Retreat requires a minimum of 12 by November 15. If this is not met, the trip will be canceled. In this case, TourHero and Permission To Explore Retreats is not responsible for your preparation expenses, such as airline tickets, extra accommodations, loss of work, or any other cost associated with preparing for your trip.
  • Do I need travel insurance?
    You will not be required by the Costa Rican government to carry travel insurance to enter the country. It is always advisable to have, so this is a choice you will make. If you'd like suggestions, Lindsey has a few companies that are great.
  • Do I need to bring my Pilates Mat?
    Nope! All equipment will be provided by Synergy Retreats.
  • Where do I find my release form?
    After you place your deposit we will be emailing you a release form to sign. All attendees must sign this release form prior to arriving in Costa Rica.

See you in Costa Rica! 
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