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Permission to Explore Retreats


We Help Busy Women reconnect to themselves through their bodies & Healing Practices.

so that they can clear their minds, have more energy, and still care for those they love without sacrificing themselves.  .

It's time to STOP putting yourself at the bottom of your priority list. 

If you’re done with the struggle, the people pleasing, and the overwhelm that drains your every time you simply think about the day ahead of you..

Here's Why that Peace, Happiness, and health may be Eluding you


because this is important if you don’t want to stay trapped in your own patterns

Working from Home

Most people who dream of a life as a happy, healthy, confident, fulfilled woman face one major (hidden) obstacle that keeps that dream just beyond reach.


What it is?


Well, let me ask you a question:


If you are currently juggling 800 thousand balls in the air…


Or if you’re stuck in ‘analysis paralysis’ thinking about which thing to do first…

Which One of These Apply To You?

The Doing never seems to end – there’s always one more thing that can be done or should be done before you can rest, or take time off, or enjoy yourself, or simply stop thinking and worrying.

You constantly feel like there’s just one more thing that needs to happen, or that you can learn, or try that will make all the difference. So you subscribe to all the magazines and websites, you buy all the equipment, you read all the self-help books, you try the latest diet craze, and you stay in a constant state of ‘why can’t I just make this work?’ rather than long term execution.

You always feel like you’re on the go, rushed, pressured, like you have to be ‘on’, never having enough time. Like you’re treading water in a sea of stuff To Do, and you know you can’t sustain it.

You’re overwhelmed with all your responsibilities, options, and ideas. You worry about how much more effort and time it will take to achieve your health/career/relationship goal. It feels like an ‘all or nothing’ situation, so you keep doing what you’re doing because at least it’s somewhat working.

Deep down, you fear you won’t be able to accomplish the goal, if you’re ‘good enough’ to do/have the outcome, and the self doubt takes over. Am I even capable of doing this?  You fear the judgement of others - how you’ll look – if that achievement never happens.

You find yourself with that

"I've lost myself"

feeling and you're not even sure what it is that you want.

You more than likely know what you don't want. 

If after reading that, you can see that ANY of this applies to you…

Then now you know why you’re stuck -

Because you’re operating from a Martyr Mindset.

Stop Putting Yourself at the Bottom of Your Priority List.

This mindset sets ambitious, driven, caring women (just like you) on the path to overwork, overdoing, overwhelm, struggle, frustration, and exhaustion from the start.


This path causes a lot of pain, frustration, and wasted (precious) energy along the way.


It’s what keeps you in the 4P’s: People Pleasing, Procrastination, and Perfectionism. You wouldn't dare say no and be perceived to be selfish. You have a strong need to be liked...or at least not dis-liked. You want to do ____ but you have to know the plan first. You have to get it right. And it has to be good. Look smart. Look responsible. Look put together and organized.


It’s what causes your physical struggle and pain in your body. When you’re busy doing all the things for everyone else you’re not giving your body what it needs, which leads to the aches, the pains, the injuries, the surgeries, and the general “What the heck happened to me?” feeling as you look in the mirror.


It’s what leads to that “I’ve lost myself” feeling that so many women experience as their own lives become less and less about them, and more and more layers of expectations and 'shoulds' get layered on. 

You’re ‘Martyr Mindset’ is keeping you stuck because you’re putting yourself, your wellbeing and your desires at the bottom of your priority list, and you’re placing your value on your Doing (which is never enough). As a result, ‘trying harder’ and ‘doing more’ is your only strategy for clearing up space and time on the schedule to take care of you.

And we don’t have to tell you that’s a broken strategy.

And If That Applies To You...

If you’re like most struggling women, chances are, you’re operating from this martyr mindset that you learned from your upbringing.

But That’s Ok!

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know…until you Do. And NOW you Know! 

With a martyr mindset, your value is dependent on your Doing.

Every new goal or desire seems too out of reach because of the schedules and time commitments. Not for a lack of drive or ability.

And more often than not, every goal met gets brushed over and the bar gets raised…because those goals aren’t ‘enough’.

The martyr mindset is what has also led to the 'lost myself' feeling:

Your identity became about who and what you represent to others and less about you. 

It Creates A Constant Need for Approval. A Need to ‘Do More. Be More.’ A Need for Permission.
Needs that Will Keep You Trapped.

It’s a mindset that will leave you overcommitted and exhausted.

A surefire route to stress and struggle and frustration. And no fun!


So, if having a happy, healthy, peaceful, fulfilled life seems ‘unlikely’ or ‘unrealistic’ or ‘too far out of reach’ it’s time to

Ditch the Martyr Mindset

...or stay stuck in your old pattern.

What's going to happen if you DON'T Start Thinking Like A Peaceful, Confident Sourceress? 

An Overwhelmed Aspire-er thinks that if she tries harder or does more, eventually she’ll get the outcome she wants. The Peaceful, Confident Sorceress knows that Doing More has nothing to do with results or value.


An Overwhelmed Aspire-er in martyr mindset thinks that they need others to agree or behave or approve so that they can do/have what they desire. The Peaceful, Confident Sorceress knows it begins inside and creates boundaries around her priorities.


An Overwhelmed Aspire-er in martyr mindset fears judgement for putting herself first. A Peaceful, Confident Sorceress knows that putting herself first is necessary and allows her to be there to support and care for others. She also knows that what others think of her is none of her business.


An Overwhelmed Aspire-er in martyr mindset is constantly rushed, doing, and exhausted. A Peaceful, Confident Sorceress knows what she is in control of she is not, and wastes zero energy on things out of her control.


An Overwhelmed Aspire-er in martyr mindset is always looking for solutions outside of herself (giving her power away to others in the process). A Peaceful, Confident Sorceress creates the solutions from a place of aligned action and self-trust.

A Peaceful, Confident Sorceress thinks very differently than an
overwhelmed aspire-er in martyr mindset.
PTE Bridge Lean.jpeg

Peaceful, Confident Sorceresses are Inspirational.

They’re calm. They’re peaceful. There’s freedom and fun in their lives.

They’re able to slow down and breathe and pursue their goals with ease. Not force.


The addiction to drama is gone, and they don’t let their circumstances dictate what is possible for them.  

When you let go of the martyr mindset and start thinking like a Peaceful, Confident Sorceress you’ll get totally clear on what matters to you and what doesn’t. You’ll have clarity around what energizes you and what drains you.


You’ll be able to focus your time, energy, and attention on what’s important to you. And you can be damned sure that you will have yourself, your health, and your desires at the top of that list!


And, you’ll be able to care for, help, and support more people than ever before.

And more effectively.

Once you start thinking like a Peaceful, Confident Sorceress you’re begin to act like one too.

PTE Laugh.jpeg

And that's important because...

Working Cafe
Exercising Outdoors

You can DO all day long, but that doesn’t mean you’ll get ahead or get ‘there’.

You have to BE the type of person who will do the things that need to be done.

And this doesn’t mean ‘more things to do’ – the last thing you need is more doing.

It’s not that you need more time or energy, you need more clarity on priorities and boundaries..


We’re here to give you Permission To Explore what that may look, sound, and feel like for you, and what it would take from you to finally get ‘there’...wherever ‘there’ is for you. 

But working through that process is harder than you think!

It seems like a pretty straight forward solution, doesn’t it?

Stop caring what other people think and start putting self-care on the schedule.

Start doing the workouts, set some boundaries, schedule fun time, and become the Peaceful, Confident Sorceress!

Easy, right?!

Unfortunately, no…

Because when it comes to how you think and act, you can’t watch, read, or ‘learn’ your way to different results.

It goes way deeper than what you THINK you know or don’t know.

Let us explain what we mean,
and why this is important to you.
Diet Apples
Checking Weight

Everyone ‘knows’ the basic principles of losing unwanted weight.

How many people ‘knows’ this yet still struggle to see results?

Or maintain them?

As you can probably guess, millions of people, right?


So what do they do?

They go out and ‘learn’ more about what they already ‘know’.


Diet must not be working. Go try another one.


Workout program isn’t cutting it (or doesn’t exist) – time to find that one that will fix it.


It’s an exhausting, endless journey of ‘learning’ and Doing more.

But the results never change.

Sounding a little too familiar?

So here’s the million dollar question:

If you know what you’re supposed to do to get the results you want,
why do you still struggle to get them?

The Answer:

The Real Battle Is In Your Head

It’s not simply about the Doing, but the Being doing the Doing.

Again, it comes back to you don’t know what you don’t know.

It’s driven by the ideas and beliefs hiding in your mental and emotional blind spots.

Those are the places sabotaging you over and over.


Those blind spots are what’s driving your thoughts, leading to the actions, creating the results regardless of what you ‘know’.


They’re what keep you stuck treading water, doing more – constantly putting yourself last. It’s a major pitfall of the martyr mindset.

If you want to change the way you think and act, you need to give yourself permission to explore the way you think and act, so that you can discover those beliefs hiding in your blind spots – keeping you stuck.


The problem is…YOU can’t see them!

(That’s why they’re called blind spots!)

And then, you have to change them.


Only once you’ve challenged your beliefs can you experience and real mindset shift and a real change in results. That’s when you transform from an overwhelmed go-getter in martyr mindset to a Playful, Confident Achiever.

And We Will Help You Make That Transformation

Introducing the New

Permission To Explore Retreats

Permission to Explore Retreats aren’t  ‘Ra Ra Motivational’ events all the others you may have attended.

It’s a complete transformation process that will change you...

From an Overwhelmed, Aspire-er...

To the Peaceful, Confident Sorceress you so desire.

This Isn't Theory - It's Practice.

You’re going to DO the process.
(Because you’re so good at Doing!)
This process occurs in different ways for each Retreat, but every P2E Retreat will include these pillars.

  • Reframe – the first step in our P2E Method helps you to look at where you are, what's not working, and how can begin to look at it in different ways. For example: Your Body. How often are you focused on the ways it lets you down versus the ways it's constantly supporting you? 

  • Reconnect - You have to know who you are before you can know who you want to be or what you want to create. In this pillar we begin to peel away all the layers so that you can reconnect with you. The true, authentic you. 

  • Reprogram - You know what's working and what's not, you know who you are, what's important to you, and where you want to go, so now we're going to help you reprogram and clear beliefs, habits, even past events that will help you get where you want to go faster. This pillar is based in Neuroscience - how the brain works. 

  • Recalibrate - Now it's time to adjust to your elevated you. Know that this will be a practice (because you still have years and years of conditioning with your old habits). But you know the quickest way to do this:



Upcoming Events

Humiston Woods Intensive

September 7, 2024

Join us in Pontiac, IL for a day of a deep dive into Self Care: Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual. 

The Real “Magic”
That Makes Permission to Explore So Transformative

How many of us have been to the events, heard the speakers, get fired up, ready to change and take on a challenge only to fizzle out a week, a month, a day later?


Well the truth is, few of those events and speakers (if any) can deliver like Permission to Explore for one simple reason…


Permission to Explore focuses on Execution (Doing) by the whole person (mind, body, soul), NOT JUST learning (analytical mind) and motivation (emotional…and therefor fleeting).

We know that you need all 3 parts of a being working together to have those transformative results. And we know that Fun, and Joy, and Play help make the entire process easier, so more of that please!

PTE L.jpeg
PTE K.jpeg

Who's This We?
Meet the PTE Team!

Kellie Franks

Kellie is a Pilates and Barre Instructor, and Post-Natal Pilates Specialist. 

After experiencing a transformation in her own body through Pilates, she decided she couldn't pass up the opportunity to share this method with others. She loves working with clients at all levels and takes great care to make sure to meet you where you are and get you where you want to go!

She lives in Normal, IL with her husband, daughter, and son.

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Lindsey Schwahn

Lindsey is on a mission to help you end self-suffering and experience more joy!

She is a certified Transformation Health & Wellness Coach; Personal Trainer; Zumba, Pilates, TRX, Burn at the Barre, and Yoga Instructor.  

She lives in Los Angeles with her longtime parter Eddie and their French Bulldog Ringo.

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Lindsey Schwahn Optimistic Regular Girl

To Learn More About Us and How We Got Here
Make sure you check out Episode 1 of our Podcast,
Permission to Explore
wherever you subscribe to podcasts. 

Who Our Retreats are NOT For

If you’re not open to new perspectives or ways of being. You’re more committed to your struggle and stories than your change. We are not here to drag you along or validate your suffering or enable your excuses or addictions (including that addiction to Doing and Suffering). We are only here to help you move forward.


Someone who’s looking for a magic pill or quick fix. Yes, the insights and discovery can happen in a flash, but the rest is a process – a process you will have to continue. We are not here to spoon feed you insight and answers – you must be willing to participate in your own transformation (and life).


Permission to Explore Retreats are NOT for you if you are not willing to feel your feelings AND move through them, becoming conscious of your thoughts, behaviors, subconscious beliefs, and changing habits. You MUST be willing to get uncomfortable whether that is trying a new exercise modality or getting honest about your real motives.


It’s also not for you if you aren’t willing to consider there’s more to success, health, wealth, fulfilling relationships than working more, trying harder, perfecting everything, controlling more, and hoping other people in your life will fall in line so that you can get the outcomes you want.


If you’re comfy in your never ending stress, people pleasing, and enjoy being martyr.

Who Our Retreats ARE For

The overwhelmed, ambitious, go-getters.

Exhausted, frustrated, burnt-out and anxious more often than not

If you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, and unfulfilled


You’re the kind of person who has a vision for the kind of life you want.

You’re stuck in your head and you know there’s something holding you back.

You just can’t seem to figure out what that thing is.

Committed to your personal growth so that you can discover what’s holding you back.

If you’re ready to feel empowered and energized.

If you’re ready to be curious and open, explore what makes you tick, get real with yourself, and let some stuff go.

If you’re ready to explore the connection between your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, how it all effects your body –


AND be 100% willing to take responsibility for ALL OF IT.

If any of these apply to you, honestly,
this is not the right event for you.

If any of these apply to you,

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